HellHole Project

The Hellhole Project is a booking agency for punk, rock and metal bands who want to play in our pretty hellhole of Brussels !

Created in Brussels out of a joke that went slightly too far and the combined work of a passionate bunch of friends, the Hellhole Project has been centered around one idea: to promote concerts for the local and the international Punk, Rock and Metal scenes.

Since its first show in February 2017, the organisation has gathered a great variety of bands and artists in multiple locations like Ancienne Belgique, VK Concerts, Magasin 4 and Atelier Rock. We’ve been working closely with the Jeugdhuis De Schakel since 2018 so you can experience up and coming bands as well as the best of what the Belgian scene has to offer.

Whether you like Garage Rock, Punk Hardcore, Stoner Metal or any form of extreme music, we are here to make sure you experience a good show and discover new artists.